A micro grower is a small scale or small group farmer who grows produce from their roof. These people are into gardening and discovering new and creative ways to grow vegetables in an urban setting. This article is about why people love micro growers and what you might love too!


Many people are moving away from large agri-businesses, which can negatively affect the environment, such as pollution of the plants, destruction of habitat for animals, soil erosion, and depletion of natural resources. However, these negatives don’t outweigh the benefits of having more control over what goes into your food rather than relying on huge corporations to provide it for you.

How are micro growers different from traditional growers?


Micro growers are different from conventional farmers, mainly because they don’t farm in the traditional sense. These farmers may have land, but they don’t use it for commercial crops. The main difference is the size of their farms. They tend to be a lot smaller than big industrial farms that grow crops or raise livestock on thousands of acres of land. They also focus on growing specific types of crops, if they do grow them at all. Micro growers focus on what they like to eat and try to grow it in their backyard as consistently as possible using natural growing methods.

Why are micro growers becoming more popular?


Even though farming has been around for thousands of years and most urban people think they know everything there is to know about it. The fact remains that people are learning new things all the time. There is no one right way to do anything. And many farmers are starting to realize that there is more than one way to grow food. Micro growers believe in using sustainable methods that don’t harm the environment to preserve natural resources and enjoy a lifestyle that lets them be closer to nature. Micro growers often don’t use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides to keep the soil healthy and avoid toxic chemicals that are not good for them or their families.

How can you become a micro grower?


There are many different ways to grow food and get involved in the art of micro-farming. Whether you choose to use natural methods or go with conventional growing, the most important thing is that you do it in a good way for your family. If you are interested in growing food but don’t know what varieties would be good for your area, ask an expert at your local nursery, garden centre or farmers’ market. They will be able to help you decide which vegetables and fruits would be best in your specific climate and which ones will be successful year after year without having to use any pesticides or fertilizers.

What type of crops does a micro grower choose to grow?


There are several different types of micro farmers. Some grow herbs and salad greens, but others like to grow fruits and vegetables. Many fruit growers sell their homegrown produce at farmers’ markets or through online sales. These farmers enjoy learning about how their food is grown and harvested, so they eat very well in their households. If you want to be a micro growers, you might decide to plant some seeds to start with. When you do this, make sure that the seeds are not genetically modified so that the product will be in the same family as its common relatives. You can enjoy the freshest fruit and vegetables if you follow these guidelines.

What are a few myths about micro growing?


And the number one myth about micro growers is that it is only for those who don’t have enough room in their backyards. It does indeed require a lot of space. But I have seen several people who are not in big cities. And even some who live in apartments be able to grow food successfully. The myth of this style of farming being only for large acreage farmers was proven wrong. When I spoke with people living in tiny houses on wheels. And they were also able to grow food successfully. If you live within a reasonable distance of your city and can store produce until you need it. You should consider becoming a micro farmer.


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