There are two major groups of students in a classroom, introverted and extroverted. Since institutions have been using a learning management system as a digitalized method to take classes, it has become exceedingly difficult for teachers to recognize which students are introverted and which ones are extroverted. There isn’t much that digitalized means allow.

Teachers should always keep in mind the progress of all students in general. To do this, they need to apply different types of methods because one method cannot serve the need of all types of students in a classroom, broadly classifying them as introverts and extroverts. 

For example, if the teacher wants to train students and inform them about the various features available in the LMS, they need to explain and demonstrate steps clearly since there will be students who do have doubts but hesitate to ask. A solution would be to explain the ERP full form, Lms full form functioning of various features, and upload the guide in the same learning management system so that students can keep checking it.

This is just a simple and generic tip to help out introverted and extroverted students at the same time, which is by doing the most. The most difficult problem teachers face is motivating introverts. Because extroverts are mostly open and communicative about their problems, teachers help them out easily. However, since a teacher is not usually aware of the personality traits of their introverted students, there is not much they can do to motivate them rather than share the same general motivational thoughts and ideas.

Here are a few tips that can help educators motivate introverts. Parents can also use these tips if they want to encourage their introverted child;

Learn from observation

Note unique qualities

Every student has different interests, like kings and skills. Some play musical instruments, and some dance well. Because the children are one of the most creative individuals since they are just learning about new things, it is not uncommon for some students to have unique habits and interests. 

A child can have a deep liking for Morse codes, or making origami. Teachers should notice these tiny details and encourage them to keep doing better. When students are encouraged directly or indirectly by parents and teachers, they are in an emotionally good place. Good mental health also guarantees good academic progress.

Avoid typecasting

In the process of observing and noticing the unique qualities the child has, don’t observe such things and hold them for face value or take it as a fact. Sometimes an introverted child will make decisions based not on their choices but the options available. If, as an educator, you observe your introverted student taking regular bathroom breaks it might not be because they don’t like the class, it could be because they are overwhelmed constantly. Similarly, there could be a wide range of reasons behind the activities of every child, and not just introverts. A teacher will only know the reason behind their actions if they first stop making assumptions.

Communication with the introverted students

Tokens of appreciation

There is nothing more encouraging to students than being praised for something they have done well. Introverted students are not praised as much because they are not good at sharing their achievements. Hence, teachers have to be extra careful here and keep noticing and tracking the activities of every child, in and outside the classroom, so that they can hand them a token of appreciation. It could be in the form of praise, or a few candies, anything that helps them realize they have done well enough. Words of appreciation will make an introverted student want to do better and share more. It is a common form of positive encouragement that works all the time.

One on one communication pattern

An introverted child might have all the qualities to do something, but they are hesitant because of their nature. Sometimes, all they need is a push in the positive direction. Teachers just need to constantly communicate with their students, while making special provisions for introverted ones to have one on one conversations so that the child feels safer and more comfortable communicating their thought processes.

These motivation methods are not simply and exclusively for introverts, they could be applied to all students in general but are most effective in cases of the introverted ones.


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