It is important to select the best location for your marijuana plants. Best places to grow marijuana can be a risky proposition because of frost or extreme heat and cold. Depending on where you live. In some parts of the country. It is just not possible to grow outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t produce a bumper crop indoors. There are also some states where it is legal to grow cannabis and other states where the use of medical marijuana is legal, but growing marijuana is still against the law.


If you live in a state where medical marijuana use is legal and growing pot at home is not against the law, then the best location for your plants would be in an “outdoor” garden. A word of caution, though – if it gets too hot or cold outside, your plants could suffer. It will help if you run your plans by a “green thumb” friend who can advise you on what varieties are best suited for outdoor growing in your area and how to care for them properly. Ask around, and your fellow gardeners may have some ideas for you. For example, if you live in a zone where summers are consistently hot, and winters are generally mild, pick peppers that grow on tall plants.

How to find the best places to grow marijuana? 


The best places to grow marijuana are indoors, where it is kept out of extreme heat and cold. Growing outdoors is very difficult in some parts of the world, but there are also some states where growing marijuana in your garden will not result in any penalties. The key is to find a location that suits your climate, needs, and space you have to work with. First of all, you must find the best place for growing marijuana plants; even though if you live in a state where it is illegal to grow cannabis at home, this does not mean all places are bad. The following list of the best places to grow marijuana is based on current information from various sources and, therefore, may not be entirely accurate.

Why do you need to find the best places to grow marijuana? 


There are many reasons you want to find the best place for growing marijuana. The main reason is that in some areas of the world, it is illegal to grow marijuana. And if you choose an incorrect location, you could be arrested by the authorities. Another reason is that even if it is legal, many people still don’t know where it’s ok to cultivate their marijuana plants.

Ways to find out where is suitable:


The best way to find out where is the best place for you to grow marijuana is by asking friends and family who have been growing marijuana for a long time. If you choose the wrong method, you will waste your time and money. The best way to find the right method is by researching and comparing different options. There are a lot of methods and methods in the world, so you must decide on the best method, as it will help you save time and money. 

The best way to find out where is suitable:


From my personal experience, here are five ways to find out where it is suitable to grow marijuana: If you are still not sure where is the best places to grow marijuana plants, then here is the list of the best places to grow marijuana.


Note: The information on this page is for reference only and is not meant as a guide. Please check with your local authority before attempting to grow marijuana in your garden. Stoned Zone gives no warranty on the accuracy of the information contained herein.

best places to grow marijuana

1. Indoor hydroponic system


Indoor hydroponic systems are when you grow marijuana plants in a nutrient-rich solution within a closed environment. The solution contains all essential nutrients that help your plant thrive and flourish without external sunlight or soil mediums.

2. Outdoor hydroponic system


Outdoor hydroponic systems are the same as indoor systems, except that the cultivation takes place in an outdoor environment. The main advantage of outdoor hydroponic systems is that you don’t have to worry about keeping the room temperature down. Although this is not a worry for most indoor growers, it can be a huge hassle if your plants are very advanced. And need a lot of light and warmth to thrive. But indoor growers will find that an outdoor setup allows for more plant training and more extensive watering and feeding schedules, giving them much more control over their growing environment.

3. Greenhouse system


Greenhouse systems are used for those who live in a cold climate or growers who want year-round growing. It’s important to understand that cannabis can get huge and prone to tall, leggy growth when under artificial illumination. Hence, a greenhouse setup is more difficult to maintain than indoor or outdoor setups. Greenhouses generally come in two forms: passive (don’t use electricity to heat the structure) and active (use electricity for heating). They can also be heated with natural gas, wood stoves, fire pits, and electric baseboard heaters.

4. Closet grow system


Closet grows growing systems that can be used in any indoor environment. The plants are grown in a growing medium (either dirt or Rockwool) on a shelf kept somewhere out of the way in an obvious location. This method is highly successful for stealth cannabis cultivation, emphasizing security.

Cannabis “closets” usually come with a variety of lighting options, ventilation. And a locking system that prevents access to children and other unauthorized individuals. Some even include a one-way mirror to keep an eye on things if you don’t want to be at home while the plants mature.

5. Traditional pot garden


Pot gardens are the most common way of growing cannabis, but it is also the hardest and riskiest to grow marijuana without getting caught. It requires a lot of work, experience, and knowledge to think of a safe, secure, and secret place to grow outdoors. When choosing a location for your pot gardens, you need to think about several things. Such as overall location, security from thieves, and the police. It would help if you also tried to use methods that prevent your plants from being seen by unwanted eyes. If you live in an apartment or condo, it’s probably best not to try growing marijuana outdoors. However, if you decide on going ahead with it, take all precautions. 


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