A Cannabis plant is different from an ordinary weed. The cannabis plant has two important differences. The first difference you will notice while looking at the cannabis plant is the number of flowers on it. It’s average to have many more flowers on a cannabis plant than your regular weed flower, and they grow relatively more significantly, too; these are called pistils, and these are their stigmas. The second main difference in the Cannabis Plant is its size compared to other plants. This can vary depending on strain and species, but most of them range from 3 feet tall to 10 feet high with leaves that reach a height of 25 feet! That’s 2-3 times taller than other typical weed plants. And you can expect all this because this is a plant with leaves full of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). It is the two most important cannabinoids in cannabis.

When you know the size of a cannabis plant, you will be able to comprehend what exactly it all means. The bigger a cannabis plant is, the higher its THC and CBD content is, which means that it is used for medicine. It will have more medicinal benefits than other strains. This is why so many people interested in growing their medical marijuana. The main things they pay attention to while growing medical marijuana are how potent the strain is and how big a plant can grow. They pay utmost attention to these two essential factors because they want their plants to grow so that their THC and CBD content are maximized.

So what exactly makes the size of cannabis plants bigger? Here’s an explanation for you:

The size of the cannabis plant grows in the following ways.


  1. Sticky buds: This is what determines the average size of the mature cannabis plant. As with all other plants, the more buds you have on your plants, the larger they will grow. The cannabis plant produces resin at the time when it’s about to flower. So it naturally grows more significantly to produce as many quality crystals as possible. So when you see many crystal-covered stigmas on your equal-sized buds, the plant grows despite having less space to grow in, which makes it grow big by producing more resin (crystals).


  1. Accomplished growth: Another factor determining full-grown cannabis plant size is the overall growth rate of your plant. A tremendous and fertile medium will do the trick if you want your plants to grow faster. The best medium for growing cannabis plants is Hydroton, but if you can’t get hydroton for some reason. There are other mediums you can use, like perlite and vermiculite. Having a suitable medium will make growth more manageable.


  1. Propagation: Another factor that determines the size of a cannabis plant is the mother-to-seed ratio. This is a significant factor because it affects how big your plants are, such as if you have more seeds than stems on your plant. You will get bigger plants; meanwhile, more stems on your plant will mean less overall size. So if a seed has not matured correctly during the vegetative stage. It can grow into an adult Cannabis plant more significantly than average. So by having many seeds on your plant or cross-pollination between each other, you will have bigger plants every time.


  1. Seed selection: When growing seeds, the size of your plant should be the last thing you pay attention to because, most of the time, plants grow bigger than seeds. This is because when you plant a seed in Hydroton medium and after having a period where it’s still tiny and not yet mature enough, it’ll start growing bigger while still small. So this is why some people recommend that when you sow seeds in hydroton-based mediums, sow only one seed at a time to avoid getting too big plants at early stages. If this happens, all your plants will be smaller as they grow since there’re so many seeds in them.


  1. Maturation of the plant: The plant only grows and matures when ready. This is why nothing you do can affect your plants’ size when growing. However, there are things you can do to help them grow extra prominent. For example, having many flowers will make the mature Cannabis plant bigger by producing more THC and CBD crystals that it would have missed in its vegetative stage, limited by lack of space and nutrients.


  1. Seed germination rate: When you sow seeds in hydroton-based mediums, germinate them slowly to prevent them from growing too big too fast. You can speed up germination by adding extra nutrients to your medium or reducing the time the seeds spend in hydroton-based mediums. The more seeds you sow simultaneously. The smaller your plants will be since you’ll have many seeds on them. They will need more space to grow.


In this article, we’ve discussed everything you need to know about growing the best cannabis. To summarize, the difference between marijuana and cannabis is that they are both the same thing. While they are not the same thing. Marijuana comes from Cannabis Sativa, while hemp is a different strain of marijuana. To grow good quality cannabis, you have to start with fresh, pure seeds so that you can germinate them in a hydroton-based medium. You make sure they grow big enough to extract THC and CBD crystals from their stigmas.


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