As of July 1, 2020, the cost of a Michigan microbusiness license will increase from $199 to $299. The law change will take effect Thursday, July 12. The Michigan Microbusiness License Cost  increase is due to changes in the “microbusiness” classification, defined. As any business that makes less than $37,500 annually and employs 2 or fewer individuals. Those businesses must also not be related parties or memberships with other entities that make more than this amount for the business to qualify for this category. The Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs (LARA) will also implement new forms and processes to track these businesses.

How Do I Become A Microbusiness?

You first need to file a “Declaration of Business Structure” form with the Michigan Department of Treasury. This will let them know that you intend to become a microbusiness. You must also file the appropriate forms with LARA if your company is already in business as well. The change will take effect on July 1, 2020. The two departments will then work together to determine if your business qualifies or not by reviewing your financial records and gross receipts numbers. If you are under the limit that has been established. You can receive your micro business designation within 90 days or less of applying for it.

What Is The Benefits Of A Michigan Microbusiness License?

Microbusinesses must file their tax returns, pay taxes quarterly, and keep their records separate from the host business. If a microbusiness decides to seek an EIN from the IRS, it will not affect the host business’ EIN. Microbusinesses cannot incorporate and cannot hold other businesses’ licenses or permits. They are also not allowed to make more than $150,000 from outside sources in a year. ($75,000 for agricultural micro-businesses).

How Can I Get A Michigan Microbusiness License?

You can apply for a Michigan Microbusiness License at the business department in your county. They will need to know your gross receipts, license and other information. You will also be required to keep records of your transactions and transactions from others you assist with that are not a part of your business. These records must be kept for 5 years.

Michigan Microbusiness License

What Are The Requirements For Michigan Microbusiness License?

You must have a business location that is open for business. The same owner can own no more than 2 locations. They must be located in michigan microbusiness license cost and not more than 10 miles from that business location, and you must use registered mail or certified mail service to send the original application form to the state. The license can be renewed online at least once every 5 years. You can apply for renewal early before the expiration date using a paper form, but only within 2 months of your current license expiring date. 

What Happens If I Fail To Pay My Taxes?

If you fail to pay your taxes, you will be hit with penalties and interest. You can try to get a waiver, but it is never guaranteed. That is why it is so important to keep track of your financial records and other required documents to comply with the law. The board will also be able to revoke and invalidate your microbusiness license. If you are found breaking any laws or regulations. If this happens, all of the following will happen.  Any Michigan Microbusiness License you have in your name that are not microbusiness permits will also be revoked.

How can I increase my profits?

You can start by looking at our tips for increasing your profits. You might also want to look at our tips for increasing your revenue as well. Another way to increase your profit is to look at our revenue expansion series. If you need help training and retaining employees, you might want to read about some of the best practices that we have found in the employer’s guidebook. If you are not getting much from outside sources, you might want to look at some of the ways you can get more business from customers (like online reviews). For example, you might decide to add a service like our classified ads to your website.

Is There An Advantage To Keeping A Michigan microbusiness license?

Yes. A Michigan Microbusiness License will allow you to do business with anyone in Michigan. This means that they can purchase products or services from you, refer customers to you, or even become your partner. If they are looking to expand (and make sure to tell them about this guide. So that they can learn more). You might also want to read these tips for setting up a successful partnership plan.


Are you not sure if your business is under the microbusiness limit? You might want to look at these tips to help you determine if you will qualify. A good rule of thumb is that if your business made less than $10000 in a year, it’s probably under $37,500. If you think that your business might qualify for this status. After signing up for a Michigan Microbusiness License could be well worth the money. It will save you time and money on taxes, and it can even help provide more customers as well. Keep in mind that it requires extensive financial and tax records and has many requirements. But if you can handle them, it may be a great option for your business.


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