If you’re interested in the cannabis industry or looking for a way to make extra money, then this blog post is for you: We’ll go over what micro-business are, how they operate in states with legalization policies, and how they are regulated. You will learn about requirements and obstacles that may hinder your chance of success if you decide to become a micro-business owner in the cannabis industry. 

We also provide information on alternative careers that don’t involve running a business but still allow employees to work within the cannabis industry. We offer advice on preparing yourself for either of these career paths so that you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

What exactly is a micro-business?

In general, micro-business are defined as businesses with less than five employees who pay social security taxes. In states with cannabis legalization, the minimum threshold for receiving state tax deductions is three employees. This is the minimum amount of employees per company that can apply for a cannabis business license and receive sales tax credits from the state (in most states). Micro-business are a fantastic way to make money if you aspire to start your own business. They are usually easy to manage and operate, resulting in reduced expenses (overhead costs), resulting in more profits for employees. However, this does not mean that micro-business have few requirements or regulations — they actually have quite a few.




How do businesses apply for a cannabis business license?

To become a licensed cannabis micro-business, employees must fill out an application and submit it to the state or federal government. In addition to this, employees must also send in proof of their identity, a statement proving that they are operating as a legal business, tax documents and articles of incorporation (depending on which state they are in), and proof of residency. If you are an out-of-state entrepreneur looking to start your cannabis micro-business, you may need to hire a lawyer specializing in licensing. Each cannabis regulation and state law is different; contact the business department for more information.

What obstacles/requirements for running a cannabis micro-business in states with legalization policies?

Opening a cannabis business is not as easy as it may appear. Cannabis regulations vary from state to state and even from city to city. So, we’ll focus on the most important requirements for running a dispensary or micro-business in states that have legalized recreational marijuana. If you are looking to work within the medical industry (i.e. dispensaries), you can read up on the requirements and obstacles here.

  • Your age must be at least 21 years old.
  • Need to pay a fine or fee for starting your cannabis business (if you are new to the state).
  • Obtaining proof of your identity, residency, and age.
  • Obtain a business license and a sales tax permit.
  • You must register as a cannabis micro-business with the state.

Why choose a cannabis micro-business?

The most obvious reason why someone may want to open a cannabis micro-business is the possibility of making money. However, many other possible career paths can be made possible by starting a cannabis business. For example, if you can’t live without touching your plants and care about how they grow. You love helping others adore their marijuana, then becoming a micro-business owner may be something that interests you.



The Advantage of a Cannabis Micro-Business

#1: You can start your own business without a large investment.

Because it is a very small business, you can use all of your savings to start your cannabis micro-business. If you don’t have much money, this may be one of the best options. 

#2: You can work in the cannabis industry without being part of a large corporation.

If you hate being told what to do and how to do it. Then a cannabis micro-business might be the right choice for you. There are very few restrictions on what you can sell and how much you can sell per day/week/year. As long as you meet your state’s requirements, then it’s all up to you.

#3: You have time freedom.

Since this is a small business and the regulatory requirements for starting it are fairly easy. Most people who open a cannabis micro-business usually have very flexible schedules. You can choose when you want to open your doors and for how long, then close them when you want to.

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