Its competitors, such as the .300 Win Mag, the two Remington Ultra Magnums and related calibers, have extreme muzzle velocity–and hence recoil–relative to their killing power. This recoil outcomes not only from the rate of the bullet itself, but additionally the disproportionately giant quantities of powder wanted to propel projectiles at these velocities. The .338 Win Mag is a very efficient caliber in phrases of its power/recoil ratio. If you’ll be able to tolerate its recoil (36 to 43 foot-pounds) and muzzle blast, it is an excellent heavy sport caliber. However, what might presumably be a relevant think about caliber selection is wind drift, although perhaps solely marginally. As shown on Table 1, the utmost distinction between 10 MPH wind drift values is between the .338 RUM and the .338 Win Mag.

It’s about placing in the time to learn how to deal with the rifle, which you must be doing anyway. Barring any medical causes, anybody healthy enough to hunt elk can learn to shoot nicely with a minimum of considered one of these cartridges. Elk, notably mature bulls, could be robust prospects. For these of us who don’t reside horsefly bites on dogs with elk in our yard, elk searching requires a big investment of cash, time and emotional treasure, so I make no apology for selecting massive and highly effective cartridges for elk looking. Traditionally, Smith & Wesson revolver barrels are hard-fit by submitting the barrel face flat to the specified width of the barrel/cylinder hole. The Maximum Average Pressure normal for the .460 is sixty five,000 psi.

The Creedmoor carries extra velocity and power downrange with much less recoil than any other factory cartridge. Shot from SAAMI-mandated 1-8 twist barrels, the 6.5′s lengthy, slender bullets appear to virtually defy wind and gravity and allow this cartridge to deliver clear kills at distance. And that gentle recoil not solely makes you a greater shot within the subject; it additionally makes working towards extra fun and productive. The 6.5 Creedmoor will stay supersonic out to 1,400 yards and is rapidly changing into the preferred long-range, big-game cartridge on the planet.

Now, assume you’re making the identical shot with the .338 Win Mag load listed right here. In this case, you would wish to maintain 3.eight inches excessive. Do you really assume, beneath subject circumstances, you could regulate your hold from 2.6 inches excessive to 3.8 inches excessive, while taking a glance at a goal 300 yards away by way of a 9-power scope?

Jim Harmer is a bunch of the Backfire Youtube channel. He has managed a quantity of gun ranges, and has hunted around the world. He is a well-known entrepreneur, having began many successful on-line manufacturers, and lives in St George, Utah. Typically those high nitro powders wear barrels faster, but that is not a huge deal to me. I point up my bullets and likewise coat them with HBn to get every little benefit I can. All bullets fall to the bottom on the same rate regardless of how different they weigh, 32 feet/second squared.

With the very best BC bullets, the 26 Nosler remains supersonic past 1,750 yards. But as with the 6.5 PRC, there usually are not a lot of factory-ammo choices to choose from. Shooters discover some ways to rationalize keeping their recoil sensitivity a secret. For example, they learn that hunters don’t really feel the recoil when pulling the set off on sport because of their adrenaline-charged excitement and so they assume they want to not flinch. Unfortunately, the shooter’s unconscious muscle reminiscence will cause him to flinch within the field the same method he flinches on the range. This fact alone could help clarify why there are so many misses and wounded animals when shots are taken at longer ranges.

It’s in our best interests to cut back recoil as much as sensible. Having owned rifles chambered in 240 Wby and 257 Wby I would simply choose a and name it a day, the is the easy selection and allows the looney to move on to the subsequent rifle/cartridge challenge to be solved. Good publish thanks, you might be undoubtedly right concerning the swift its an absolute lazer and big hitting power out to 300 and presumably a bit extra.

With a muzzle velocity faster than 3000 fps, it presents nice external and terminal ballistics. The new Federal Premium, 130-grain Terminal Ascent load with a muzzle velocity of 2825 fps shoots flat and the bullet is hard sufficient to handle up shut impacts while nonetheless delivering good enlargement at distance. The .28 Nosler is a perfect choice for these who need to hunt massive sport like elk at prolonged ranges.There are several Nosler cartridges now starting from .22 to .33 caliber, but the .28 has been a standout by method of reputation. There are production rifles out there from Nosler, Browning, Seekins Precision and other companies, and a custom rifle builder with whom I spoke stated they construct as many .28 Nosler guns as anything else. The 6.8 Western is a reliable elk and moose cartridge and suitable for a extensive range of smaller massive recreation as well.The .270 Winchester created the .277-inch cartridge market, and it’s been a well-liked choice among hunters since 1925.

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