The enactment of Illinois Hemp Laws took place over two years ago in 2014. The legislation body laid down the law to make industrial hemp cultivation, use, and sale in the state a legal process. The law allows registered businesses or individuals with permits to produce industrial hemp. Permits are issued through the Illinois Department of Agriculture and must be renewed annually.

The law also allows each state to create its pilot program for industrial hemp cultivation and will enable individuals to grow non-psychoactive industrial hemp with a doctor’s recommendation. That means you can get your medical marijuana card and grow your industrial hemp in the beautiful state of Illinois. This article will help you learn more about the current laws. It also help you to how to get a medical marijuana card in Illinois.

How Does The Illinois Hemp Laws Work?

The Illinois Hemp Laws states that a registered business in Illinois can legally grow industrial hemp for commercial or experimental purposes. However, it is a must that only a registered person in the state can grow industrial hemp. Also, all cultivators need to keep records of their cultivation, including seed sources and planting locations according to the CBD law. The law outlines the requirements for growing licenses, seed certification, sampling procedures, track-and-trace systems, test plots, and more.

Individuals can grow industrial hemp with a doctor’s recommendation. Which is especially important when you consider that you can only smoke it in a place where there is a prohibition on the cultivation of tobacco. A registered cultivator must submit their cultivation plan to the agency in advance. If they wish to grow industrial hemp for research purposes. If approved, they will receive notification of their research license and the final certification of their seed.

Transportation Of Industrial Hemp In Illinois

Of course, this Illinois Hemp Laws allows for the transportation of industrial hemp in Illinois after its first use or sale. The law states that individuals must apply to track information from the Department of Agriculture if they choose to bring hemp across state lines. If a person lands in Illinois after getting industrial hemp from another state. They must provide the Department of Agriculture with the necessary information.

This law allows anyone legally allowed to cultivate industrial hemp in any other state to import their legally grown product without penalties or additional fees. In simple terms, if you’re allowed to grow it in another state. You can bring it over the border and sell it here.

Illinois Hemp Laws For Sale Of Industrial Hemp In Illinois

The law also allows registered growers to sell their industrial hemp. The only stipulation is that a business must have at least one acre of land planted with hemp to sell any product from its location. According to the law, anyone who wants to sell industrial hemp must first provide their personal information and apply for a license. Applications are available online.

The law allows any person with a license to grow industrial hemp to transfer their product without the approval of the Department of Agriculture. This means you could legally buy your favorite strain at a grower’s home and not worry about violating the law. The law also makes it clear that selling hemp is not grounds for seizure or prosecution by local or state agencies. Because It is under federal Illinois Hemp Laws governing marijuana possession.

What Are The Penalties For illegal Growing Industrial Hemp In Illinois?

The law states that anyone who violates the regulations (related to hemp cultivation). The Department of Agriculture issues shall have to go through civil penalties. If an individual violates this law, they could receive a fine of up to $2000 per day. If a business violates these Illinois Hemp Laws , fines can be up to $10,000 daily. There is however a waiver on penalties in certain circumstances. Such as when seed certification fails to complete within 30 days or when the program’s integrity seems compromised.

Are There Any Other Illinois Hemp Laws?

The great news is that because hemp is still a new crop in Illinois. There are only minor regulations that limit the plant’s usage. The law states that it is okay to use industrial hemp for research purposes. With the exception to food, or any products that destroy a human’s natural health. There should not be any use of any product containing alcohol. With no sale of the product to anyone under 18. 

Additionally, you must stay within your state’s limitations on how many plants you can operate without approval from the Department of Agriculture. The law is unclear on whether you must grow your plants on a single acre. I f you can manage multiple acres of hemp under the provisions of this law. The government agency has some suggestions and guidelines on taking advantage of the industrial hemp program and will assist those wishing to get their seeds certified.


In conclusion, the state of Illinois has been very receptive to the idea of industrial hemp. As more states pass medical marijuana Illinois Hemp Laws. They will continue to view cannabis as a valuable product that they can use for many different applications. Illinois has excluded industrial hemp from its definition of marijuana and allows its citizens to take full advantage of this crop’s benefits.

The state is currently developing a pilot program for research purposes. As it begins to plant crops, further changes in the law will make growing easier for registered businesses and individuals. This oilseed crop is extremely popular worldwide because it boasts plenty of nutritional value and has a variety of uses.

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