Claim this present when it pops up on the display screen or you’ll be able to head straight to the buying cart to say it. When Molly stretches away and reveals you her again side in place three, solely stroke her back side as it is the solely welcoming spot. Her paws will be irritable to touch and she’s going to unlikely have a reaction form a stroke wherever else.

In the bottom-right corner of the game interface, tap the cat meals bowl/cat avatar button to go to the yard of the house. There you probably can refill the food for the cat within the cat meals bowl. It prices a certain number of hearts/love-points. Feed higher-quality meals to the cats for better rewards.

As she lays on her belly stretching in place 3, her seen paws can earn you hearts whenever you rub them. The only unwelcoming part on this place is her again aspect. Moka’s head, rear paws, and tail all welcome your loving strokes whenever she is assuming position 4. Her entrance paws, nonetheless, should cat slow bowl not be caressed while she is curled up. There are three things to do – beautify your lovable house with stunning furnishings and ornamental objects available within the store, which you ought to buy utilizing love.

Moka actually does not react much whereas she is in position 1. You can only earn a coronary heart right here by caressing her head and the only strike to earn as nicely comes from touching her stomach. Once Moka turns to her facet in place 2, Her welcome components are her head, belly, and front paw.

We are back with a brand new information for Adorable Home, this time we are explaining every thing you want to know concerning the petting mini recreation. When Cookie turns to her facet, her stomach and her tail are the only sources of hearts you can stroke on. Touching her rear paw will irritate her while she is in this position.

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