I will unfairly put the spotlight on the service companies for this one. I say that as a result of a lot of the data and opinion of what ought to be done to seismic data in processing comes from what the service companies recommend in meetings and current at technical talks. I recognize, in fact, that to ensure that this to be a priority for them, there must be a demand from the business, so it’s a round argument. I suppose this shows we now have become accustomed to accepting frequency enhancement without thinking about the physical meaning. Therefore, I would say that even using an imperfect Q for an inverse filter is doing higher than a process that doesn’t attempt to incorporate a sensible worth.

It causes a fraction of the wave’s vitality to be converted into different varieties such as heat or fluid motion. Non-intrinsic effects like a number of scattering are collected under the time period apparent attenuation; they are so many and varied that intrinsic attenuation is tough to isolate. I suppose one of the limitations for a lot of geophysicists is that to make these quantitative interpretations, an applicable rock-physics mannequin is required. The different barrier after all is the way to make these detailed measurements, and while methods have been published (Reine et al., 2012a,b) they are certainly not common. My preference is for the spectral-ratio method due to its flexibility. First of all, the spectral-ratio method additionally permits for any vary of inversion techniques to assist make the process extra sturdy.

We are passionate about integrated geophysics and are specialists in coaxing more information than you thought possible out of seismic data…. I suppose it’s primarily because geophysicists limit their understanding of attenuation to one thing that can enhance resolution and section. Why go to the effort of detailed analysis of your knowledge, when a rough Q measurement could be sufficient?

Access the best of Getty Images and iStock with our simple subscription plan. Millions of high-quality images, video, and music choices await you. International cargo of items could additionally be topic to customs processing and extra costs. Legendary director, straight man to Mel Brooks in legendary “2000 Year Old Man” comedy routine. This is very much linked to what I mentioned within the earlier query about having completely different levels of Q estimation, and in this case I assume we are speaking concerning the coarse stage of estimation.

Indeed, even easy time-variant spectral whitening is a kind of blind Q-compensation and that requires no effort of estimating Q. I assume correct Q values appropriate for reservoir characterization will become more mainstream once folks begin to see the advantages of Q past decision and section improvements. This is an effective place to say that I suppose there are two levels of attenuation that we can measure, which is in many ways analogous to velocity. With velocities for example, there are processing velocities that optimally flatten the gathers and there are velocities which might be appropriate for reservoir characterization, for example from a VSP or full-waveform inversion. Just as detailed velocities would not necessarily flatten gathers, NMO velocities are insufficient to estimate reservoir properties.

The exponential-decay nature of attenuation would seemingly be simply corrected by an exponential acquire. In the noise-free case with good instrument constancy, this is ready simple gun engraving patterns to be true, but as you level out, noise tends to run away on us. The inverse-Q filter detailed by Wang is stabilized to act solely on the seismic bandwidth not dominated by noise.

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