Crypto links are an essential part of Google’s algorithm for business promotion. Links to relevant content that is about the subject matter have a much higher chance of ranking better than content without them. Crypto links will help your site achieve a higher ranking in search engine results, which means more visibility and traffic from organic search of ICO.

Crypto link building can be done in many different ways, with no one method being best for everyone. You can also find our site list.

1. Direct Links

Direct links to the page content are some of the most important links on your site. These link building to your content, and also increase the authority of that page, as Google will be more likely to rank further down pages with high authority links.

2. Articles

You can also build a strong ranking for your site by writing very useful articles on the subject. These could be short blog posts, or up to five paragraphs for a one-page blog post.

3. Forum Submissions & Blog Comments

There are a lot of forums and similar websites where people talk about cryptocurrencies, with many people interchanging their thoughts about which ones are good, and which ones are bad. You need to comment on these forums. But how can you do that and still be useful?

4. By Sharing Your Knowledge

It is important you don’t just comment to post a link to how great your site is; almost all of the time no one will care. Instead, take the time to share your knowledge with relevant information that other participants may not know, which will make you stand out from other people that are just doing it for their own site’s gain. This will also help you build a relationship with others in the community, which can be beneficial at later stages.

5. Submit to Referral Programs

If you want to build one of those huge referral programs, it can be very hard. However, if you submit your site to the corresponding referral program that provides free coins for joining, this can provide a lot of valuable traffic to your site.

6. Social Signals & Blog Comments

These are included in Google’s ranking algorithm as they are often used as a signal between two websites, while they are not entirely separate entities in the eyes of Google. Social signals like shares and likes on social media posts will increase the authority of your site and help it rank higher in Google search results.

7. Authorship

This is an important, but often overlooked part of building links. Building affiliate links is essential for your site to rank, but you also need to build links from other trusted sources that have authority over your keyword or subject matter. The easiest way to do this is by reaching out to websites or individuals that are related to your topic and asking them if they would like you to link back to them on your site.

8. Blog Comments

Website owners are notorious for spamming comments on sites, and although it can be annoying for the visitors, Google won’t penalize you for this. However, if a comment is clearly not relevant to the blog post, or isn’t worth reading, Google will show your site as spam. So make sure you don’t use blog comments as a link building method.

9. Article Submission to Forums

There is often value in submitting articles to forums that discuss your topic. If you write something on the subject and submit it to relevant forums, it can help your ranking further down the search results pages. This can be done by submitting an article that mentions other websites or individuals related to your niche, for example through a quote or referral links at the end of the post.

10. Think of Alternate Backlinks

You could consider connecting your site to “alternative” backlink building methods. Some of the most popular overseas sites offer blog commenting, forum posting, and article submission services to link build your site. If you can link back to them through a direct link or a familiar blog post, you will have an easier time building links without breaking any explicit rules.

11. Guest Post on Other Websites

If someone else has content worth sharing on your niche topic, they might invite you to write an article for their website and link it back to their own site in return. It’s a win-win situation that can really help you build up a good relationship with others in the community.

12. Ask for Commenting

Last but not least, if you have great content on your site and want to be recognised for it, you can ask for people to comment on it by commenting on your own website. It’s a great way to get attention and start conversations about your website.

13. Submit Information to Q&A Sites/Signal Boosting/Article Submission Sites

These are mostly free to join websites where you can ask multiple questions at once and automatically receive answers from people that know the subject matter well enough to help other users with their queries.

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