Rahul can be pleased with this movie because it marks his successful comeback within the movie business. Rahul is definitely going to grab more opportunities within the coming days. Venu Madikanti, the director, has chosen an actual story for his debut. Although it sounds good, the script just isn’t compelling. Gang of girls going to an unsecured place for a puff appears to be mindless.

As far as path goes, he lost half of the battle together with his selection of actors and as for rest half, he misplaced it to his mediocre writing that overlooks many particulars. Well, any mystery thriller survives on nicely woven participating narration of plot and twists. Here director lacks in writing a good script. Achu has received good marks among all in the technical group. He has composed some good songs as nicely as the background rating. Nandu failed to impress the viewers along with his modifying.

The finest elements come to begin with and in the path of the tip. Except Ajay as the police officer, no actor is impressive so far as efficiency is concerned. Heroine is very related to a TV artiste and her friends are fully novices to the digital camera. Though final sequence is extra of a revenge drama, the film’s core point is reserved here.

Venu Madikanti as a director doesn’t try to make an effort in convincing about his casting choices. He wished to make a movie, got a producer and a hero, so he went ahead and made it. Couldn’t he perceive Mahima Makwana has gone overboard in giving expressions? Similar type of movies in Tamil and Malayalam brought in local talents but we wanted some Hindi actress to play off a Telugu girl’s role! Writing suffers with inconsistency and convenience while Direction lacks any vacation spot. Although the movie has under two hours of runtime, it appears prolonged as a outcome of not so attention-grabbing middle-part.

He ought to start altering his thought course of while choosing the roles and will experiment more. Rahul impressed within the movie as Anand and so is Mahima as Chaitra. Ajay Ghosh is one other precious moments quince dolls interesting actor who has received a exceptional role. Ajay Ghosh from the start impresses along with his dominating act.

For the hero to take such critical steps of crime for the heroine, the makers ought to have shown a deep bonding between the couple. Ajay Ghosh is the mainstay of the film as his menacing cop act brings an excellent amount of depth in the proceedings. The method he has shown his evil aspect works nicely for the plot and all his investigative scenes are quite realistic and have been dealt with well. The story is about in Vizag as Anand and Chaitra stay in the same condo constructing.

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