A deferred sentence is one that is not yet complete. It is an unfinished sentence. One that has yet to be sent out, but it is in your head and you are thinking about it.

Many of us have a little bit of a backlog in our minds. It’s when we think about something for days, weeks, even months before it finally comes to us. For example, my friend had been working on a website project for a couple of years when one day I mentioned that I would like to help edit and post some content to it. “Oh cool,” she said, “I’ll add it to the backlog.

I am not sure what a deferred sentence is, but I know that when a deferred sentence is sent out to a person, it can be quite a shock to them, especially if they don’t think they can remember the first time they heard it. A deferred sentence is basically a message that is sent out when you’re not sure if the person has sent it out.

A deferred sentence is a very short message that is sent to a person that you don’t think wrote it or if you are not sure if they sent it out. This message is intended to allow you to check if they have sent it out, and if they have, to get your opinion on what should be in it.

Deferred sentences are meant to be a way of communication to the other person. They can be very important, and very short. So long as you are not sending it out when you feel like you dont want to, you are not breaching your privacy. And a deferred sentence is much like a “don’t ask me about my day” message in that it means that the person to whom it is sent is not thinking about them at all.

It’s a little different for email. In contrast to emails this is a situation where something has been sent and said to someone, but the recipient has not said anything back. It’s the opposite of a simple message. A deferred sentence means that the recipient is still thinking about the message, and wants to give it a second and third chance. But if the sender wants to take it back then it needs to be sent out as soon as possible.

In other words, if you send a message to a friend, and the friend says, “Oh, you’re sending me a message” and you reply, then it is a deferred sentence. But if you send a message to a friend and the friend replies “No” and then you reply that “I’m sorry”, then it is not.

What if you sent your friend a message and he replies No and replies, then did you say, “Yes?” and you should do it. He should have said, “Yes, I’m sorry for not sending a message.” He should have repeated, “So sorry for not sending a message.

If I send a message to someone I meet, and a friend says, Yes and you reply, then it is a deferred sentence. Because once you send a message to a friend, then it is a deferred sentence. So if you send a message to a friend you can say No, and you reply To a friend You should do it. If you send a message to a friend and he responses No, but replies that Im sorry for not sending a message.

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