The mi.lawyers weekly gives you access to a full list of lawyer websites with a curated selection of the most important and influential sites in the legal field across the globe.

Like all of our other content, the mi.lawyers weekly gives you a glimpse into the legal world so you can better understand why lawyers are so important and what they do. It also provides a way to quickly find lawyer-related resources and links to other helpful resources for lawyers.

Mi.lawyers weekly is like our average weekly list. There are six pages, plus all of the links you might find on your website. There are no links, but we hope you’ll find them.

mi.lawyers weekly will help you better understand the legal world for a select number of law firms in the United States and Canada. We hope that our research into the legal world will help you understand why you need a lawyer and how the legal world works. We will also provide links to resources, like your local bar association, that can help you, not only with your career but your legal problems as well.

The link building process is similar to the time-lapse loop process. Instead of making a quick choice of colors, we’ll use a series of icons to show you how to use the links.

So why do you need a lawyer? A lot of us here at would like you to think of us as some kind of super legal expert who can help you with your personal legal matter and then some. But the reality is that most of us here at are just regular lawyers who happen to have lots of great links. And that’s just what we do.

Lawyers are a dime a dozen, and we happen to make a pretty good living at it.

Lawyers do an excellent job of finding the links that are best for their clients. What we don’t do is link to links that we know aren’t a good idea. If you’re going to link to our site, you’re really not that smart anyway.

The point of is that you can go to and ask a lawyer for help with your personal legal matter. We are the experts on these matters. We can point you to great legal advice and help you with your legal issues. We dont make links to other websites. We make links to websites that we think are excellent for learning more about what you might be looking for with your legal matter.

Also, just because we don’t make links to other websites, we don’t mean to make links to our site. We’re simply talking about our site to illustrate that we’re actually not interested in links being the topic of our conversation.

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November 2023