Attorney, former prosecutor, and speaker, Dr. Lisa B. Giese has spent the last 14 years working to make it easier for victims of sexual violence and offenders to gain justice. She has helped to create the Sexual Assault Counseling Center, which is the first and largest law enforcement agency in the country that focuses exclusively on sexual assault and sexual violence victims.

Dr. Giese worked for many years as a prosecutor before going into private practice, where she specialized in sex crimes and domestic violence. As a survivor, she has seen her firsthand the toll that sexual assault can take on victims. The fact that she has personally experienced what it can do to a victim is why she is a member of the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), which is the first national organization to provide resources to rape survivors.

She is not alone. According to RAINN, more than 50 percent of survivors of sexual assault suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, and two-thirds of them are in treatment. It’s also estimated that about 5 percent of all women who have been sexually assaulted will become pregnant after the attack.

I have to say we are very proud of this organization. But I have to wonder how many of those who come forward to RAINN or are victims of sexual assault are also being harassed by their rapists.

The issue is not just that a lot of these victims are women. I’ve talked to several women who have been assaulted by men. Most of them, when I asked them what they thought the man was talking about, they described their sex offender as being a jerk or being into her. Some of them even told me they felt they had to be quiet when the man was talking to them.

That all seems to be on the same level. It’s not just men. In a recent study we did, we found that women were 2.5 times more likely than men to have been victims of a rape or sexual assault. We also found that women were 1.5 times more likely to have been the person assaulted by a sexual predator than men.

Its not just men either. We found that women were 2.5 times more likely than men to have been victims of a sex assault. That means that if you were assaulted by a man, you’re about 1.5 times more likely to be a victim of a sexual assault too. That means that if you were assaulted by a woman you’re two times more likely to be a victim of a sexual assault. This is alarming.

We also found that the most common reason a woman reported an assault was because she was a victim of rape. So, for example, if you had sex with someone, and after that you got pregnant, youre 1.5 times more likely to have been the victim of a sexual assault. That means that if you had sex with someone and you were raped, youre 1.5 times more likely to be the victim of a sex assault as well.

Rape is a very real crime in our society, so what this means is that our justice system has been broken. At least in the U.S. we don’t really have a good system that would handle it. Our justice system is flawed because this is a crime which is not only a crime against women but against our sexual norms, which is a crime in itself.

Its not as bad as we think, because there are ways to avoid being raped. Most rapists are not good guys, so they might not even be guilty of sexual assault, but rape is still very real. The victim needs to report the rape and they need to be able to report it to the police. This means that the police have to know who they are dealing with. And that means they are also dealing with a person who is a victim of a crime.

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