There is a great need for cannabis caregiver in Michigan, and the certification process is not too difficult. In celebration of 4/20 and reaching 100,000 members of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program, let’s look at what it takes to become certified as one of these thriving workers! First things first—you must know who you’re working for. While you can’t grow your cannabis plants with this certification, there are many different dispensaries throughout the state where you can purchase pre-rolled joints and edibles along with other cannabis products.

Step One: Register with the Medical Marijuana Program

The first step to becoming a certified caregiver in Michigan is to register with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program. This requires a $100 annual fee, and one must possess a valid Michigan medical marijuana patient or caregiver registration card. This card can be purchased at any state-approved dispensary for $60 and does not expire. Once registered, you’ll need to go to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) website and fill out the form for your caregiver application. You will also need to sign a consent form outlining the responsibilities of a caregiver.

Step Two: Get a license

The next step is to apply for a personal medical cannabis license. The process is fairly simple:

  • Fill out the application.
  • Take either an eight-hour basic test or a 16-hour advanced test.
  • Pass both of these tests.

If you pass the state-administered exams, you’ll receive your license in four to six weeks. If you do not pass all of the tests, however, you will have to retake them before attempting again. After completing this step, caregivers must pay a $300 licensing fee per person and another $15 annual renewal fee.

Step Three: Register with the State Caregiver In Michigan

After you have all of this information, including your caregiver in michigan card, license, and state paperwork. You can start registering with the state. After paying a $200 application fee every two years to renew your caregiver license, you can register as a medical marijuana caregiver with the state. You must also pay an $85 biennial fee. To get your marijuana license, you must be able to produce your cannabis. This means growing at least one plant per patient or caregiver. You could even rent space in a grow facility and hire employees if you want to!

Step Four: Obtain the Registration Card from the Patients

After you’ve registered as a caregiver in michigan with the state, patients must get a registration card from you to obtain their medical marijuana. The process is fairly easy—the patient must complete an application and pay a $100 fee before receiving their card within two weeks. The registration card lasts two years, at which point the patient must renew it.

Step Five: Become a Patient for Caregiver In Michigan

Once the patient has successfully registered with you in Step Four, the next step entails registering for your medical marijuana card. This process is fairly easy—once you’ve registered with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program and paid the $100 fee, patients must go to one of four locations to get their registration card. You’ll be required to visit one of these places within two weeks of becoming a patient—after paying another $100! To become a patient, you must have a recommendation from a doctor and any other required documentation. This card is valid for two years, and you must go back to the program’s website every year to renew your registration for another two years.

Step Six: Keep up with the paperwork

After patients have received their cards from you, they are required to keep them updated every year. If they come to an event and you’re unavailable, they’ll need to contact you by phone before the following year’s application can go through. All paperwork must be turned in by May 31st of each year for patients to receive their cards at the next year’s event! Patients will also have access to various forms on this website that must be completed regularly throughout the process. That’s it! You’ve reached the final step in the process. Following these simple instructions, you can easily become a marijuana caregiver in Michigan!


As you can see, becoming a caregiver in Michigan is not too difficult. If you already know someone registered with the program, asking them if they’re up for the task will make it even easier! One important thing to remember: it’s best not to be overworked; doing so could lead to burnout. This will cause health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, and stress which could potentially manifest themselves into other problems. It’s important to take the necessary precautions to avoid this.

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