Precise placement of a carbon bond in a chemical structure dictates the differences between varied forms of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that comprise the cannabis plant. 

Some include Delta 9 THC, the primary THC, Delta 8, and Delta 10. Where they fall on this chain is designated in their moniker. The presumption would be that such a slight variance wouldn’t cause too significant an effect, but, in fact, the difference speaks for each form’s properties and potency. 

With delta 9, in particular, the cannabinoid has a long-standing stigma following it, creating an apprehension or hesitancy for some when looking at the decision of whether to include it in their wellness regimen.

Not all products suit everyone, and THC can fall into that category. Some people are overtly sensitive to the compound while others don’t like the effects there’s a potential for with a psychoactive. 

Fortunately, in the current Delta 9 landscape, the indication is that things are more controlled, safer, and at this point, legal. Let’s look more closely at some tips on how to use the products as a newbie.

What Are Tips On Using Delta 9 Edibles As A Newbie

The market for delta 9 THC is still growing, but edible products are favored among consumers, especially those trying the substance for the first time. The website here,, goes into greater detail. 

Among the most popular choices are the gummies, which are also readily controlled for dosing keeping users safe from adverse effects.

Delta 9 gummies derive from hemp with a THC level no greater than 0.3% (dry weight), making them federally legal according to the 2018 Farm Bill language. While THC is psychoactive with the potential for creating a “high” with consumption, at this level, the indication is that the effects are mild. 

The gummies combine THC properties alongside the plant’s full spectrum of compounds to ensure the optimum benefit from each, an “entourage effect.” 

THC is a more robust, potent substance in its own right, meaning new consumers will need to segway into usage bit by bit until reaching the desired effect. Check these helpful hints if you’re starting the delta 9 gummies for the first time.

  • Speak with a medical provider before initiating a dose

No one should start a new regimen that has the potential to affect their health or wellness without consulting with a medical provider first. It’s essential to ensure there are no medications that the substance could interfere with or underlying conditions that might in some way be affected. 

While delta 9 products come with guidelines for administering them, it’s wise to speak with the physician to gain insight into their recommendation for dosing. The doctor has the inside scoop on your medical profile and recognizes how your system responds to various pharmaceuticals. 

Gauging a dose would be more straightforward for the professional than for someone not versed. The medical provider will also be available to monitor and then assess if you were to become reactive or sensitive. 

The idea with dosing initially is to start with the smallest possible quantity and build from there until you reach the desired result.

  • The full-spectrum delta 9 THC effects will be more intense

THC is a more intense experience than you’ll find with CBD because THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is psychoactive. CBD or cannabidiol is non-intoxicating. The properties that CBD boasts of having, for instance, allowing a more relaxed, restful sleep, would be emphasized with a full-spectrum delta 9 product.

But that means if you had a specific dose that you might have taken as a full spectrum CBD user with a trace level of THC, you’d need to start smaller despite the THC still falling at 0.3% (dry weight.) You won’t be able to follow the path you took when using CBD. 

The delta 9 experience will be entirely different, more potent, and greater intensity, but claims indicate comparable properties. That means if you have a problem with insomnia, you could see a better night of sleep.


  • Dosing is not something you can share with others

When you decide to start a course of delta 9 THC, it’s a very personal experience. While you can discuss your experiences with close friends and family, any opinions or advice they provide relating to how you take the products can be appreciated. 

Still, as far as dosing, you should refrain from assuming because a friend has excellent results at a particular quantity that you will also.

Everyone is different; your system, weight, and metabolism are unique and will require you to experiment with the gummies until you find a suitable dose that brings your desired outcome. And that will most likely look very different from everyone around you. 

Final Thought

If you’ve never tried cannabinoids like CBD or THC, you should reach out to your medical provider before committing to a product. 

The doctor can help you establish a self-care or wellness program suitable for your specific needs and help you determine which of these products best works with that protocol. Click for details on THC.

The physician knows your medical profile and can determine a relative place to start with a dose based on how you react with various pharmaceuticals, supplements, and herbs, along with your body structure, weight, gender, and on. 

No one should want to put anything in their body until they know from a medical perspective the potential consequences of that action.

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