If you are caught with cocaine in your possession, you can be arrested, jailed, and charged with first offense misdemeanor possession of cocaine. This law is known as the Georgia Controlled Substances Act and the penalty is up to five years in prison.

What’s particularly interesting about this law is that it is the first law of its kind to specifically mention a particular drug. The law states that cocaine should not be sold, but not sold, so it’s unclear what, if anything, the legislature was trying to say by doing this. Regardless, it seems like the law is intended to stop people from selling cocaine on the street, where it’s harder to control.

As it turns out, the legislature thought it would be a good idea to add the new law to the books. Because like me, I like to think that things are better, healthier, and more “normal” when they aren’t. So I’m glad they did that. It’s unfortunate that this law was passed in a time where people were selling cocaine on the streets and were using it for all sorts of drugs. I hope this law is repealed by the end of 2020.

No, they didnt. It was never repealed. It was re-enacted by the legislature.

This is very frustrating because since the law was enacted (and its still in effect) the offense is still a misdemeanor. Why is that? Because the only way to be charged with this offense is if you are caught with it. In 2014, there was a public outcry over illegal marijuana possession but it never came to a court hearing. If you are arrested for this offense and your charge is dismissed, you can go home without a criminal record.

This law was enacted in 1989. The law was not retroactive. It was enacted in response to a public outcry over illegal marijuana possession. It was not a retroactive law. It was passed retroactively in 1989.

It’s no secret that marijuana use has been on the rise in America, particularly in recent years. According to a new report from the Drug Policy Alliance, as many as one in seven US adults are current users of marijuana, and that number is on the rise. The reason it’s been on the rise is because federal law enforcement officials are cracking down heavily on marijuana growers and sellers, and the black market continues to thrive.

In the case of georgia, the law has been in effect since 2012, and like many states, it was passed in response to the rise in the sale of marijuana. But the real reason is because the law has been used against people who have been caught with marijuana. They can either be fined, or they can be sent to jail. For someone caught with two small bags of marijuana, the fine is set at $100.

The real problem with the law is that there’s no way to know who will take the punishment — the people who are caught with their bags and who are sent to jail — or who’ll receive a warning. I’ve seen a lot of people get angry when they see a big bag of marijuana and not get a warning, but the law does the talking. So it’s no big deal and the police are likely to have no trouble finding an arrestee.

In the case of the first offense, the police will likely have no trouble finding someone who is caught with two small bags of marijuana. The other problem is that you can get arrested for possession of marijuana of any size, so you can always go back and forth with this law. If someone is caught with a large bag of marijuana, they will be arrested and sent to jail as well.

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