If you’re in the area, you may have heard about the National Association of Attorneys General’s (NAAG) campaign to have the arson laws in the state of California changed so that it can be harder to get a conviction for arson. The reason for the campaign is due to the fact that the laws now are too strict.

In California, it’s a felony to set fire to or damage any structure within one hundred feet of another. The reason the laws are so tough is due to the fact that it was a felony to burn a house in the first place. In other states, the law has been changed to allow a maximum sentence of five years in prison for a fire.

What’s really ironic about this campaign is that it was originally set up to get people to change laws.

This campaign was set up as a legal action. The law was changed to allow people to get away with just a fine and a year in prison for arson. When people are arrested for arson, they are typically charged with misdemeanors only.

In reality, most arson cases are not even prosecuted because the prosecutors don’t want people to know they’re looking for the real criminals. In fact, a case that is prosecuted is almost always dismissed because the evidence is either too flimsy or the prosecution doesn’t have the evidence.

While I think this is a good idea, the lawyers are still the ones who will most likely spend most of their time defending the arson charge.

The problem is that arson lawyers are very expensive to hire, and you don’t want to be trying to defend a case that’s going to cost you a fortune just because of the way the evidence is presented. They are also highly-skilled lawyers and are usually very, very good with their hands. They are also not very good with computers, so they are most often the ones running a case on the computer.

That said, if you are looking for a legal firm that will represent you in a case that will cost you a fortune, look no further.

Many people have a very positive view of bankruptcy lawyers; they are the ones who can help you get the case past the bankruptcy court, even if it means losing a judge. The main reason we do this is because we want bankruptcy lawyers to have a positive impact on your life. They are all very nice and helpful, and many people are very happy to help you out.

While I don’t think that bankruptcy lawyers are the best choice for people looking to hire a lawyer, we have seen a lot of positive results from the positive reviews we have gotten from people who have hired bankruptcy lawyers. People have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy because they are unable to pay all their obligations, and they are looking to get out of it quickly. Our own bankruptcy lawyer helped our family with $20,000 in debt, and we are now free from our debt.

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