The idea that I am better than others and therefore the world is just a lot better than me is a big lie. Life is not fair, it is not perfect, but it is far from a bad thing.

This is usually a very difficult thing to admit to yourself and I have known people to do it, but there is something to be said for the idea that you are better than others.

There are a lot of people who would agree with me here.

There is no such thing as an “outsider” to you, as far as I’m concerned. You are as unique as anyone around you, and I hope you never forget that.

I am a very lucky person to have met alesha abernathy.We were at a show in New York City a couple of years ago and she was on hand to talk about the book she is writing called the book of life.

For a while, I thought she was a clone of myself. That is until I read the part where she said, “I have never been to New York.” That made me think that she doesn’t want to be a clone of herself. If she had said, “I have never been to New York” I would have laughed and told her to quit her whining.

alesha was born into a very wealthy family in India. When she was a little girl, her father gave her the task of building a house in a neighborhood called Rajkot. She was a very ambitious young girl so she took the job with a smile. But the job was not to build a house. The job was to build a house that was so beautiful and beautiful, it would be a memorial to her father’s life.

The first thing we see when we land on Rajkot is a house. It is incredibly beautiful and one of the most beautiful homes you can imagine. And the thing that makes alesha so happy is when her dad is showing her the house. He tells her that he has spent a lot of money to build this house and that he wants to leave it to her when she is in her 30s.

So why did the architect of the house say that he wants to leave it to her when she is 30? My guess is because alesha has been working for him for so long, she is an expert in all things that have to do with architecture, and she is very sure of herself. And if you add to this the fact that this is the same architect who designed the mansion where she grew up, it makes for a very self-sufficient and self-controlling story.

alesha is from the same architecture school where you grew up. Although she hasn’t lived in the house for a while, she has a real sense of ownership and a real sense of security. It’s like you have a piece of her history in your home, and that piece is actually part of her.

By Ethan More

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